Tom Bannister

Hi, I’m Tom Bannister. I support small business websites through my business, Do It For Me Websites Ltd. This site,, was used initially when I operated my business under my name.

I’m an Engineering Technologist with interests that extend beyond digital marketing. In terms of technology, I’ve got experience and skills in industrial electrical drives, electronics engineering, solar energy systems, building science and construction, and some mechanics.

I’m interested in self-development, mindful awareness, and engaging with the awesome wonder of this beautiful life. I value love, peace, kindness and consideration for others. I’m into walking, backpacking, camping, small boats and enjoy the outdoors and nature.

My business

I administer websites and web presence using SEO methods for getting businesses found online and connecting with customers. I create content using copywriting and graphics techniques (I’ve got many years of sales and marketing experience) as well as providing guidance for digital marketing.

Businesses require creativity, skill, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities to understand and address the unique challenges they face. I’m available to contribute and be part of your success.

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My diverse background, creativity, attention to detail, and technical abilities enable me to develop innovative solutions and ideas. I find it rewarding to help others using skills I enjoy.

I help clients develop their businesses to work better online to provide an improved experience for their customers.

Thank you for being interested.